Current Lab Members:

Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

Dr. David Álvarez-Ponce

Dr. Beatriz Sabater-Muñoz

Postgraduate Students:

Ms. María Prats

Postgraduate Project Students:

  • Ms. Roser Montagud Martínez
  • Mr. Adolfo López Cerdán

Past Postdoctoral Researchers in the Lab:

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Dr. Simon A. Travers  (Currently Associate Professor at Cape Town University in South Africa)

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Dr. Orla Keane  (Currently Principal Investigator in Teagasc Ireland)

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Dr. Francisco M. Codoñer  (Currently Head of Bioinformatics in Lifesequencing, Spain)

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Dr. Jennifer Commins

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Dr. Laura Madrigal

Past Postgraduate Students in the Lab:

Dr. Brian E. Caffrey, graduated as PhD in 2012  (Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Max Plank Institute)

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Dr. Xiaowei Jiang, graduated as PhD in 2011  (Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge)

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Dr. Tom A. Williams, graduated as PhD in 2010  (Currently a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Newcastle)

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 Dr. Christina Toft, graduated as PhD in 2008  (Currently EMBO Long-term Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Universidad de Valencia)

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Dr. Valentin Ruano-Rubio, graduated as PhD in 2008  (Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at MiT)

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Dr. Damien Tully, graduated as PhD in 2008  (Currently a Research Fellow in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University)

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Mr. David McNally, graduated as Master Student in 2007 (Currently Software Engineer for HP Cloud Services)

Visitors to the Lab:

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Mr. Ankur Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati)

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Ms Maria Persico (Universita' di Tor Vergata)

Ms. Carmen Hermida (Universidad de Islas Baleares)