Bioinformatics Analyses with Galaxy

Resources provided by the TCD Bioinformatics Support Team

Taster Workshop - Monday at 1 pm!


TBSI PAC room (B-2)
→ The PAC room is situated on level -2 of the TBSI.
To get there, please pass through the doors beside the TBSI reception, take the lift or the stairs down to level -2. Take the southern doors to the hallway, turn left and find the PAC room on your right hand side. Look out for signs ('Bioinformatics Workshop') indicating directions.

Course Material

You can download the PowerPoint slides in advance: PPTX file (6 MB in size).

Use this PDF for print-out (6 slides per page): PDF file (5 MB in size).

An example data file to be used in the workshop: TAF1_peaks.txt (8 KB in size).

Galaxy Servers

To balance the load amongst users, please select the link associated with the day of your birth date. This will open in a new browser tab or window:


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