Bioinformatics with R

Resources provided by the TCD Bioinformatics Support Team

R-Studio Workshop: starting Monday, 19th June, every weekday from 10 - noon.


East End 4 Mac Lab (map)
→ The East End Mac Lab is situated in the basement of the Hamilton building, below the Smurfit Institute of Genetics.
To get there, please enter the Hamilton concourse through the large sliding doors between Academic Registry (previously Biochemistry) and Pharmacology. Turn right and after 50 metres go down the steps to your right. At the bottom of the steps turn left. The Mac Lab is the third door on your left (beside LTEE3). Look out for signs ('R Workshop') indicating directions.


The final set of slides will be made available for download before each lesson.

  1. Mechanics of programming in R, part I:
  2. Mechanics of programming in R, part II:
  3. Hypothesis testing
    Concepts, normality, F-test, t-test, wilcoxon test, correlation

  4. Experimental design & ANOVA
    Power calculations, ANOVA

  5. Introducing Multivariate Analysis
    Clustering, hierarchical, k-means, heatmaps


If you are planning on bringing your own laptop, please install R and RStudio.


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