Python Taster Workshop 26/08/2015

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If you attended the Python taster workshop, please provide feedback which will be valuable improving and planning ahead.

Taster Workshop

  Strongly agree Neutral Strongly disagree
The content was interesting
The difficulty level was appropriate
The venue was suitable
The workshop was well organised
The presenter's delivery was engaging
The presenter's delivery was clear
The presentation slides are accessible and useful
I would recommend this workshop
I would consider attending a follow-up course in Python

Additional comments regarding the taster workshop:

If you are interested in a follow-up course to learn Bioinformatics with Python in more depth, please answer the following questions:
  Strongly agree Neutral Strongly disagree
Make the course as compact as possible,
e.g. 1 full day instead of shorter sessions over multiple days/weeks
Run the course out-of-term and not during lectures
Focus on Python in general instead of specific bioinformatics areas
Run the course on Windows PCs instead of Macs

Comments or preferences regarding the in-depth Python course:

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