Survey for Perl Programming Course

With this survey I would like to gauge the interest level in a Perl course.
Perl is a popular programming language that is easy to learn and used in many bioinformatics applications (try a Google search).
Limited space is available in a beginners course that I am teaching during Hilary term. Please indicate if you would like to participate in that one or possibly another course later in 2008.
There is a Submit button at the bottom of the page which you need to click to send off the information.
Note: This survey is now closed!

Question 1

What aspect/level of Perl are you interested in?

introduction to Perlrefresheradvanced PerlBioPerl

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Question 2

If you need an introduction to Perl, would you be interested in attending course GE3027
starting on January 11th, 8 weeks, 10 - 12 on Fridays (see last year's material)?

yes maybe no

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Question 3

What course format would be suitable for you?

full days2-3 hours per day  2-3 hours per weekno preference

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Question 4

What time of the day would you prefer the classes to take place?

morningaround lunchafternoonno preference

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Question 5

When would you not be available?

Jan - Mararound Easter  during lecture time  in the summer  

You might want to specify further and/or indicate your preferred dates:


To receive direct information about courses, please leave your contacts
(particularly if you are interest in attending GE3027).

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