---- Perl One-Liners ----

Further reading

  1. This chapter only provides a selection of one-liners - many other applications are possible. An online search for bioinformatics one-liners brings up a variety of blogs that list useful code snippets, not only in Perl but also for other programming languages.
  2. An outstanding website for perl one-liners is the Scriptome at http://sysbio.harvard.edu/csb/resources/computational/scriptome/. It not only shows useful examples but also provides options for modification of the code and expansion into proper scripts.
  3. An introduction to Perl one-liners in general is provided in this article from a pre-edition of the Perl Review: http://www.theperlreview.com/articles/one-liners.html
  4. An extensive selection of one-liners is presented and explained in an e-book by Peteris Krumins: http://www.catonmat.net/blog/perl-book/
  5. As with any language, it does not suffice to just read about Perl and one-liners - practice makes perfect!