TCD's SFI Bioinformatics Support: Image Map Tutorial (this Friday!)


As part of the bioinformatics support for SFI-funded research in TCD a tutorial on image maps has been organized for this Friday.
It will provide information on how to turn images into interactive maps on the Web. Many examples can be found online, such as KEGG pathway maps (e.g. the T-cell receptor signalling pathway in humans) or the Ensembl genome browser (e.g. the location of the TLR4 gene).
Put simple, the tutorial will explain how to define specific areas of an image to be used as links to additional information.

Target Audience

  • postgraduate students, postdocs, research staff and PIs from SFI Biotech funded labs in TCD


  • some basic HTML knowledge


Date: Fri, 23th November, 2007

Time: 12 noon

Duration: about 40 minutes followed by Q&A session

Location: the Dawson seminar room in the Smurfit Institute of Genetics (3rd floor)

Demonstrator: Karsten Hokamp

For more information, please contact Karsten Hokamp (, phone ext. 2719)

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