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  • Please upload/select a file with aligned sequence data [info]:
    input file 1:  or use example file groel.aln

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  • If available, upload a PDB structure file [info]:
        PDB file: 
        insert PDB ID: (e.g. 1KP8 for GroEL example file)

  • For inter-molecule analysis upload a second data file [info]:
    input file 2: 

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  • Significance test [info]
    random sampling
       →threshold alpha-value: [info]
       →random sampling:         [info]
    use threshold correlation
       →threshold R-value: [info]

  • Time correction [info]
    no correction
    use synonymous distances by Li 1993 (only for DNA sequences)
    use Poisson corrected amino acid distances

  • Gaps [info]
    do not remove gaps
    remove gap columns
    remove columns with at least percent of gaps

  • Minimum R [info]

  • GrSize [info]

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