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As societies industrialise, urbanise and grow in wealth, dietary habits change. In particular, consumption of meat increases linearly and rapidly with increasing disposable income. This general pattern is well documented in the IFPRI document "Livestock to 2020 – the Next Food Revolution". This revolution is at its most dramatic in China, where production and consumption of meat have been increasing at 4.5% per annum. This pattern of rapid growth is likely to continue for some decades into the future, until OECD levels of consumption (80+ kgs of meat) are reached.

The consequences of this revolution in food production and consumption will be enormous. They have implications for human and animal health, global feed resources, energy, environment and economy. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together the best expertise from China and the world, and in particular to analyse the interactions between these developments, their consequences, and the technologies involved.

The meeting is being organised by EAGLES, supported by the European Union. You can download the brochure of the workshop from here (2.9 megabytes).

Workshop: Overview of Dates and Programme

3 December 2006   Tour of Hangzhou (optional)
4 December 2006 (am) Module: Economic and Social Drivers
4 December 2006 (pm) Module: Animal Production and Health
5 December 2006 (am) Module: Human Nutrition and Health
5 December 2006 (pm) Module: Environmental Issues

"In heaven, there is paradise. On earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou"